Elegantly Inspiring!

“Elevating my style and spirit with LG Squared Clothing—truly divine fashion!”

Emily R.

A Blessing to Wear

“Positive vibes, standout style—LG Squared Clothing makes every day feel blessed.”

Alex M.

Effortlessly Radiant

“Wearing the Victorious Tee: sharing smiles, spreading positivity, and looking absolutely divine.”

Jasmine W.

We Trust. We Vow.

We Trust. We Vow.

A faith-forward brand born in a town appropriately dubbed The Holy City...where church steeples pierce its historic skyline. LG Squared Clothing Company aims to celebrate that faith within the style-conscious believer. We create clothing armored with the greatest message of all: Let Go and Let God.

Like the surety that each breath will sustain us until the next, WE TRUST. WE VOW to never again get LOST. We will fulfill our life’s purpose with the gifts we are given. We know that each defeat and failure is temporary. We know that our breakthrough is born out of our sacrifices. WE ARE the believers…the ones who never give up.